About Avi

G’day !

28 November 1978, The peace and quiet of the hospital at Air Force station Kanpur was literally obliterated by the shrieks of a new born that some say still continue to bounce of the walls of the hospital even today! Avi Kumar had arrived on planet earth. Maa Kassam, Dharti shook.

And the Dharti still shakes when this Anda Pao loving FatBoySlim walks around DownUnder in Australia these days.

My mum & dad still tell me to take small steps in the business world because is kal ke launde ko kya malum? This is when I try to tell them that if a college dropout could do a wedding binnis then I was atleast a frickin MBA grad….

Well they have their time table and I have mine :) ….

Binnis to me has always been an attraction. My good pal Jaggi used to tell me “jeb me paisa na kaudi aur beech sadak me dauda daudi”!!....well that made a lot of sense till apna Melbourne return Randeep Hooda said that “is binnis me experience nahin, daring chahiye”. Bas that was it!... Nirvana !!… I knew that after working for other people for more than 20 years, it was time to work for myself and enjoy my Anda Pao.

So here I am, bringing to you my version of Juttis and Scarves and Apparel.

Whats my kahani me twist? – its simple :) - I am a rebel at heart

If you want to buy Juttis that are worn by Bollywood actors, then there are a lot of other places to get those Juttis from.

Magar !! -

If you want Happy Feet, then wear my Juttis.

If you think that you have worked hard and you need to spoil yourself, then buy my Juttis.

And wait…. Picture abhi baki hai

Every customer will receive their Juttis in a Recyclable postage tube.

We expect you to use the postal tube as a tree planter and plant the seeds that we send you with your Juttis. Take care of this tree as it grows.

I could have sent you a dazzling shoe box but I would rather support you in planting a tree because this is what India needs you and me to do.

Please share photos of you wearing your Juttis & Scarves on the House Of Avi  Facebook or Instagram pages.