Kanpur To Adelaide

Finally!  My Story

The Birth

Shrieks of a new born like no other!

The peace n quiet of Air Force Hospital, Kanpur was disrupted by the shrieks of a newborn... Avi Kumar had arrived on planet earth.

Off to Binnissss

A Frickin MBA Grad

Serving as an Australian Public Health Mgmt professional for over a decade & then I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug.

Nirvana - The Plot Twist

It was time to become my own boss, launch the family business in Australia & enjoy my Anda Pao. So here I am!

What You Are Going to See

Buckle up, folks!



'Avircazz' is about to drop- our newest quirky sensation that's breaking gender norms and setting trends!
Oh, and sneaker fans, we've got something special lacing for you too.
HOA's about to kick it up a notch!

Let's heel your sole-searching blues with a scoop of quirk and a whole lot of shoe-love!

Our crew has got you covered, and we promise, it's toe-tally fun!

It's more than one crazy head here!