Kanpur To Gold Coast

Finally!  My Story

The Birth

Shrieks of a new born like no other!

The peace n quiet of Air Force Hospital, Kanpur was disrupted by the shrieks of a newborn... Avi Kumar had arrived on planet earth.

Off to Binnissss

A Frickin MBA Grad

Serving as an Australian Public Health Mgmt professional for over a decade & then I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug.

Nirvana - The Plot Twist

It was time to become my own boss, launch the family business in Australia & enjoy my Anda Pao. So here I am!


What You Are Going to See

Buckle up, folks!



'Avircazz' are here! Our newest quirky sensation that's breaking gender norms and setting trends!

Oh, and sneaker fans, we've got something special lacing for you too.
HOA's about to kick it up a notch!
Stay tuned